Maximum Savings 0.7 Liters/min

30.00د.إ Including VAT

Atomizer water saver 0.7L/m


✓ Saves up to 90% water
✓ Easy to install to existing tap
✓ Mist type water flow
✓ Pressure compensating
✓ Designed to fit major tap brands
✓ 5-year manufacturers warranty
✓ Made by Neoperl, Germany

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Aerators are found in nearly all kitchen and lavatory faucets. An aerator is a key component in the overall performance of the faucet. This aerator achieves a fully aerated stream at low-pressure conditions even with low flow at the spout end. Here is how you should expect your aerator to perform:

control the stream straightness and diameter
reduce splash by aerating the stream and eliminating side spray
save water and reduce energy costs
meet local plumbing codes and standards

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Flow Rate

0.6 liter/min


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